We are dedicated to eradicating workplace discrimination in all forms.

Workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and unfair wages will not disappear until employers who benefit from these toxic practices are held accountable. Unfortunately, because employers determine the fate of their employees continued employment, there is no equality of bargaining power between the employee and the employer.
Having the right lawyer can be the difference in receiving a positive outcome in your workplace discrimination case and having to endure continued abuse. Peggy Farrell has over 20 years of experience fighting to enforce the civil rights of employees who have experienced discrimination, harassment, retaliation or the theft of their wages.

Our Mission

Stand up for up for civil rights by providing exceptional representation to employees who have been discriminated against, harassed, retaliated against and denied fair wages by their employers.

Meet Peggy A. Farrell

Peggy is both an impassioned advocate for social and economic justice and a highly skilled civil rights litigator. She has obtained multiple seven figure verdicts on behalf of victims of employment discrimination.
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If you are struggling to preserve your right to a safe, healthy, and equal workplace we want to help.

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